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6 Reasons why WordPress stands out

6 Reasons why WordPress stands out

When it comes to building a website, you’ve got many special alternatives. Such as, you may use Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. You can additionally lease a WordPress developer to put in writing the code from scratch, or you can do this yourself if you are a coder.

However, out of all of the website constructing platforms to create a business website, WordPress is the most recommended.

In this article, we will give an explanation for why we believe that WordPress is the absolute pleasant choice for website construction.

Here are the 6 reasons why we think WordPress stands out among many website builders.

  1. It is Open-source
  2. It is more than a Blogging Platform
  3. Customize everything your way
  4. WordPress and SEO are good friends
  5. Great Community
  6. Backed by a team of Professionals


It is Open Source

WordPress is an open-source platform. That means the unique source code is freely available. As such, it can be redistributed and modified freely. The give-up result is customers who’ve greater management over their self-hosted websites.

WordPress websites can be used with any web host. This is a freedom that most proprietary platforms aren’t providing. In case your consumer chooses a proprietary CRM that locks them into precise web hosting, the website turns inclined. If something had been to appear to that organization, all the websites hosted on it would vanish without a trace.

So, it turns into a no-brainer to host the web page through a nicely-researched hosting platform with out-of-the-ordinary uptime, backups, and guarantees. The purchaser can determine what the website hosting in their website looks like and could by no means be bullied into counting on a business enterprise that they don’t accept as true with. That’s all the way to the flexibility of WordPress and the management that it presents.

Want something absolutely custom and built from scratch? You could do this too. There are more WordPress developers available than on any other platform. If customization is needed in another cms platform, the turnaround time can be a great deal longer and may not even be possible.


It is more than a Blogging Platform

WordPress started as easy running a blog software program and received recognition for “online journals” and hobby bloggers. Many human beings, particularly enterprise owners didn’t take it significantly.

But then it started out to grow. Entrepreneurs found out they may effortlessly release a brand new internet site and edit the content material, upload photographs, and keep the web page themselves – something they’d by no means been capable of doing before.

As WordPress grew, so did the capabilities and content material management system skills. Quickly business proprietors commenced turning to WordPress as their first preference for software programs to electricity their websites.

There are roughly more than 455 million websites that use WordPress as of 2021.
– Source


Customize everything your way

A huge part of people using WordPress is neither net designers nor programmers. As a matter of fact, most parents begin the usage of WordPress without any earlier knowledge of designing websites.

For non-tech savvy oldsters, WordPress is the precise solution due to the fact there are heaps of free internet site templates (topics) that you can choose from. There is an ideal WordPress subject for just about every type of internet site (whether it’s a blog, business website online, or a webshop).

WordPress subject matters are clean to customize due to the fact a number of them come with their own options panel permitting you to exchange shades, add trademarks, trade the history, create stunning sliders, and certainly customize it on your wishes without writing any code at all.

You may additionally upload custom capability for your WordPress web page with the aid of the usage of plugins. WordPress plugins are like apps in your website that you can use to feature advanced features like analytics, touch forms, club place, and greater.


WordPress and SEO are good friends

In case you are not familiar with the term “search engine optimization,” stands for SEO. Seo is the process of ranking your internet site excessively in search engine scores in order that your website can get organic website visitors from google, yahoo, bing, and different SERPs.

WordPress websites are written with widespread compliance, incredible code, and produce semantic markup. This means that WordPress websites are extraordinarily SEO pleasant and that google likes them very much. That is why WordPress websites have a tendency to rank better than many other varieties of commercial enterprise websites.

So, if you use WordPress to construct your enterprise website, your website ought to rank a lot better in google and offer you considerably extra organic site visitors than in case you used an extraordinary internet site builder.


Great Community

More than every other software environment, what makes WordPress particular is the community. You don’t see Microsoft word or google document agencies getting collectively. However, WordPress meetups are the real deal.

There are more than 500 WordPress meetups around the arena. That’s a few critical networks. And this way you’re now not alone.

WordPress additionally hosts larger workcamps, which can be casual, community-prepared activities that are put together by means of WordPress users. Absolutely everyone from casual users to center builders participate, proportion thoughts, and get to recognize each other at workcamps.

WordPress additionally has a thriving network of participants. Whether or not you’re a budding developer, a dressmaker, or similar to supporting out, the WordPress core group is always seeking out humans to help make WordPress even higher. Every person can get involved with WordPress in masses of different roles, from helping write code and fix bugs to design to support. Simply take a look at our WordPress for more facts on the way to get involved.


Backed by a team of Professionals

Even though WordPress as a project has made a whole lot of its upstart status over time, there’s no denying that the enterprise behind lots of its improvement is an increasing number of serious employer participants. Automattic has gradually grown from a tiny dispersed operation to an enterprise company.

Automattic’s role in the international of WordPress has not been without controversy, however, its emergence as an increasingly more serious business player offers the platform a degree of stability and monetary backing that naturally appeals to an agency target audience.



You owe it to your clients to provide them with a very nice website design for their needs.

But you furthermore may owe it to them to make sure that they’re getting the first-rate website capability. In case you feel that WordPress is the right CMS for a particular purchaser, it’s as much as you to convince them as to the effectiveness and usefulness of WordPress.

If you still don’t know why WordPress is the best Content Management System, you can simply contact us to build your website, we got your back.

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