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Top YouTubers every designer should be watching

Top YouTubers every designer should be watching

Seeing isn’t just believing, it’s also the most effective way to understand.

This is especially true when it comes to learning design elements, and it’s no surprise that design tutorials on YouTube continue to gain in popularity year after year. YouTube also has a vast collection of design tutorials that cover just about every topic or subject you can think of. There’s even a little something.

Subscribe to these YouTube channels for ideas, tutorials, and some tips for a better design career.


The Futur

Chris Do – The Futur

Creator: Chris Do
Subject: Tips and tricks and practical advice for a successful Design business.



Dan White – Dansky

Creator: Dan White
Subject: Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials



Ran Segall – Flux

Creator: Ran Segall
Subject: Design tutorials and freelance/business advice



Charli – CharliMarieTV

Creator: Charli
Subject: Web & graphic designing




Creator: Femke
Subject: UX Design, User Research, Prototyping, and Product Designing.


Satori Graphics

Tom Cargill – Satori Graphics

Creator: Tom Cargill
Subject: Speed art and freelancing tips



Imran Ali Dina – GFXMentor

Creator: Imran Ali Dina
Subject: Graphic Design Theory, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator



Unmesh Dinda – PiXimperfect

Creator: Unmesh Dinda
Subject: Adobe Photoshop tutorials


Will Paterson

Will Paterson

Creator: Will Paterson
Subject: Logo design, calligraphy, tips and tricks.



Christine Chun – Chunbuns

Creator: Christine Chun
Subject: Product Design



There are thousands of great design-related YouTube channels. While these 10 are a great place to start, keep looking for other YouTube channels that match your interests and requirements. Did one of your favorites slip through the cracks? Tell us in the comments section below!!


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