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5 Impossible to Ignore Design Trends in 2021

5 Impossible to Ignore Design Trends in 2021

As we approach 2021, every graphic designer has one question in mind. What will be in the world of graphic design in 2021?

Graphics are an important part of a brand as it helps to build your identity and inform the audience about that product. In addition, with the power of social media growing rapidly, designers need to create new and exciting content every day. It’s important to stay up to date and understand the changing styles to keep their work moving in the right direction.

There is already speculation in the world of design what 2021 will be like? Every graphic designer is curious to know what the next big trend is in the world of construction and development. Let’s take a look at some of the future design trends for 2021.

  1. Abstract yet Minimal
  2. Going 3D
  3. Geometric Shapes
  4. Dull Color Palettes
  5. Line Arts

Abstract yet Minimal

Less is more! It has always been one of the favorite styles of designers. But 2021 will attest to designs where consumption is kept to a minimum. By 2021, from print to website, minimalism will be seen throughout the industry. Social media projects use a very small approach for some time now. Some brands have already made good use of this inaction in their ads. For example, see the Airbnb public posts provided below. Use the little color palette wisely.

Abstract Yet Minimal
Via Dribbble

Going 3D

3D projects are increasingly filling our world. Films, asphalt paintings, logos and much more are becoming more and more solid. The three-way approach to design has been in place for the past year and by 2021, it is expected to improve by adding a layer of truth to the next test. Designers are always trying to make real viewers’ mirrors. What better way to do that than by a three-dimensional structure. Organic designs are gaining popularity and can be found in many designs today but by the year 2021, they are expected to make a significant impact on the use of product ID systems, 3D forms, Websites, and short motion animation videos.

Via Dribbble

Geometric Shapes

Last year, we saw designers using a lot of flowing and invisible forms in their designs. This year, they have been replaced by solid shapes around geometry and patterns. The rough edges of the geometric shape make a big difference compared to muted colors.

Geometric Shapes
Via Dribbble

Dull Color Palettes

After years of bright and vibrant colors, people seem to want something more and less. The muted colors feel safe and secure, even nostalgic. With health and well-being that has been a topic in the minds of many people, muted live colors will be used by many consumer products going forward.

Via Dribbble

Line Art

Line art is a template style, simplified. Therefore, it is good to convey ideas and ideas. It looks clean, beautiful, and unobtrusive. The line is one of the decorative styles chosen for photo design trends. The elements associated with the shape create a calm but complex for the end-user. This trend blends well with luxury brands as it aims to attract the customer with a high profile look.

Line Art
Via Dribbble



We will be seeing not only visual presentations with no text at all but also only text presentations with small text, good textures, and structures, depending on the context of the presentation and how it will be used, and yes 3D is going to take over completely.

So these are the top design trends that will affect presentations this year. Choose what suits your style and content and let your art be free.

Have a Great Design Year.

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